2011 Feng Shui Forecast for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac!

Before anything else I would like to clarify that I’m not a Feng Shui consultant. However, because my parents, siblings, and myself do believe in feng shui and seldom makes any major decisions or hiring key people in key positions for our company without consulting a feng shui expert, we figured that it’ll be much more prudent for us to just study feng shui. Since, I’m the one who’s most into it, it was only natural that  I was the one who was tasks to study feng shui. The investment proved to be very useful which saved us lots of money instead of regularly consulting a feng shui expert. Now, we don’t have to pay Php 4,800.00 per person for a Paht Chee reading or an annual feng shui forecast.

This is a sample of a what Paht Chee should look like. Note that this is not the Paht Chee of this year or of any particular person.

I don’t do this professionally but because I know how hard it is to consult a truly reliable feng shui consultant, I sometimes do this for friends, free-of-charge, and when I’ve some free time.

Anyway, I just want to share with you the 2011 Feng Shui forecast of the 12 Chinese zodiac base on my own reading.

Chinese Zodiac

First of all, allow me to say (without being grim) that 2011 the year of the Metal Rabbit is going to be a little challenging. Its Paht Chee is filled with clashing elements. Allow me to discuss first the elements of the Metal Rabbit.


  • Heavenly Stem: YIN METAL
  • Earthly Branch: WOOD RABBIT


  • Heavenly Stem: YANG METAL
  • Earthly Branch: WOOD TIGER


  • Heavenly Stem: YANG METAL
  • Earthly Branch: WOOD TIGER


  • Heavenly Stem: YANG WATER
  • Earthly Branch: FIRE HORSE

While Chinese New Year this year is on Feb 3, 2011, the official changing of the stars or when spring ushers in is on Feb. 4, 2011 at 12:34PM.

For those of you who understands the Paht Chee chart or the relationships of the Feng Shui elements, you’ll see that as I mentioned this year’s chart is filled with clashing elements. This means its going to be a noisy year and may mean that its going to be a little unstable, it could also mean that there’s going to be a lot of fight or quarrelling both between individuals, or organizations or even countries. In fact, Lillian Too, the founder of World of Feng Shui (WOFS), even went as far as saying that this could mean that there might be wars.

But, the irony of this year’s chart is that while the general forecast may sound grim, it actually favors most of the 12 Chinese zodiacs. In fact, two-third of the animal sign has the potential to have a very good year. Allow me to go through the 12 Chinese zodiac/animal signs one by one.


Let’s start with the rabbit. Just the other day, I was talking to a woman who informed me that she believes that she’ll have a very good year this year. When asked why she thinks so, she replied by saying this is my year. What she meant was she was born under the sign of the Rabbit, and since this is the year of the Rabbit, this is going to be a good year for her.

I find that this is a common misconception. In fact, if you were born under the sign of the ruling animal zodiac, it’s going to be a little challenging for you.

This year, the Rabbit really needs to be prepared for a challenging year. Apart from having the Tai Sui (also spelled as Tai Suey) God on the Rabbit’s corner, they’re also directly afflicted with the Wu Wang or Five Yellow Killings (an annual Flying Stars that brings a lot of misfortune). However, in Feng Shui, there are cures that may help lessen the impact of these misfortunes. First, to appease the Tai Sui God it would be good to wear a Piyao necklace or Piyao bracelet. The Piyao should be made of either wood or semi-precious stone, or metal, but one shouldn’t wear a Piyao that’s made of plastic. For the Wu Wang, one should wear a five-element pagoda made of metal.

This is a sample of a Pi Yao. I personally prefer this kind of Pi Yao which has an active stance rather than the other kind that shows the Pi Yao in a resting mode. Feng Shui Experts says it doesn't really matter but personally I like the one that's shown in the picture. I actually have several pieces of this kind in my personal collection.

I also know of a Taoist priest who makes a special Taoist amulet against the Tai Sui, which I think is one of the best ways to appease the Tai Sui God.


By nature, people born under the year of the Dragon are generally luckier than all the other signs. Dragon is also considered as one of the most powerful celestial beings and it extends this energy to the people born under this sign.

If last year was good for a Dragon, this year will even be better. However, you are indirectly under the influence of the Wu Wang, so its better to also carry a Five Element pagoda that’s also made of metal. I suggest wearing this as a necklace rather than carrying it in the pocket.

Most important of all, it’s important for the Dragon’s not to let success get into their head because this might cause trouble for them. It will help to always use one of the most powerful Feng Shui, which is humility.

You’re also in side conflict with the Tai Sui. So it will also help if you wear a Piyao.


People born under the sign of the snake will also have a good year. They’re influenced by the number 6 Flying Star, so it will help for them to help further enhanced this luck by wearing a 6 DZI bead either as a necklace or as bracelet. If worn as a bracelet, further empower the DZI bead by matching it with either a clear quartz crystal beads or citrine beads.


It is going to be a good year for people born under the sign of the Horse. Remember this because this year your success will depend on how patient and diplomatic you are. As said, this is a good year for people born under the sign of the Horse, however, they’ll also tend to experience a lot of small obstacle, and if a Horse didn’t look beyond this obstacle they might not attain their success. Also be very careful in how you deal with other people because you might find yourself easily losing your temper. Well, this is nothing new for people born under the sign of the horse, but this year it’s going to be worse.

It will be good if you can wear a Happy Buddha (Maitreya Buddha) as necklace or bracelet. Again, please make sure that its not made of plastic, I personally prefer a jade Happy Buddha pendant, and I always makes sure that when I look at the face it evokes a feeling of happiness. It doesn’t matter whether the Happy Buddha is standing or in a sitting position.

This is a sample of light colored (ice jade) buddha pendant.

It will also be good for the Horse to wear a mystic knot, again either as a pendant or bracelet. Please remember don’t get one that’s made of plastic.

This is a sample of a Mystic Knot pendant. for guys you can simply replace the cord with a more manly style.

Another way of wearing the Mystic Knot is as a braclet.


This is also a good year for people born under the sign of the Goat/Sheep, but this year will be better for their family and personal relationships than career luck, but that’s not to say career luck is not good.

However, since this year’s Paht Chee indicates that there is very little earth energy, the Goat will need to remedy this by carrying earth energy with them. My suggestion is to wear different crystals or semi precious stones either as a pendant or as a bracelet. If your budget permits it, get yourself a real jade pendant with the design of a Holy Gourd, and get yourself a real jade bangle (for women) or wear a Tiger’s Eye bracelet.

Also place a Crystal Pyramid or Yellow or Clear Quartz Crystal Ball in the Southwest section of your house or bedroom


I’m happy to say that there’s a big turn around on the luck of the people born under the sign of the Monkey. 2010 has been really bad for the Monkey, however, this year it’s going to be a lot better. Not perfect but way better. Health luck for the Monkey is definitely better but do wear a Holy Gourd pendant the first two months of the 2011 lunar year.

Money luck is generally good for the Monkey, but they also might suffer some loss if they are not careful. So it’s very important to protect themselves by being extra careful and always carry a rhinoceros image (pendant, bracelet, or key chain) with them. It’ll also help a lot if you’ll put an image of the rhinoceros, or rhinoceros with elephant at the center of your house, room, bedroom, office, store, etc.

Sample of a Rhinoceros Charm

Also people born under the sign of the Monkey are also affected with the 3 Killings, which despite of the name is actually easily manageable. Just make sure you carry the image of the 3 Celestial Guardians (Piyao, Chilin, Fu dog), you can also place the image of the 3 Celestial Guardians on the west side of your house, room, bedroom, office, store, etc.

This is a sample of a 3 Celestial Guardian Amulet. Not sure whether this is a special exclusive design of Lillian Too's World of Feng Shui, but there are a lot of this in Ongpin. It doesn't have to be the same kind it just have to be a Three Celestial Guardian

Another star that will also greatly affect people born under the sign of the Monkey is the Peach Blossom star, which is also known as the Romantic Star. This is actually good news for single Monkeys because this might indicate the start of a romance, but, for those who are married this may mean that you might be involve with an extra marital affair or your spouse might be involve with another person. For single Monkey, to further enhance this luck, one can wear a couple of Mandarin ducks or the sign of a double happiness. Again, no plastic please. But for those who are already married or in a relationship safeguard yourself by carrying a rose quartz with red string. You can just put this in your pocket. Normally, the remedy for this is an image of a rooster, but since this is going to be a bad year for the rooster, we cannot use this remedy for this year. Another cure for this is for married couples to tie an amethyst to the left hand side of their bed. Make sure one use a red string.

Use this kind of amethyst geode and tie a red strong around it.


This year, people born under the sign of the Rooster will have the opportunity to awaken their inner chi (energy). While at first glance their chart shows that it is going to be a very challenging year for the Rooster, the existence of the #9 Flying Star, which is also known as the Multiplying Star indicates that making this year good or better than what the chart indicates will entirely depend on the Rooster’s inner strength. The #9 Flying Star/Multiplying Star is neither a good nor a bad star, all it does is to multiply or magnify the energy of the section where it hovers. This means, if a Rooster remains positive and has a good karma, the #9 Flying Star will also magnify this energy. However, the Rooster is also afflicted with the 3 Killings, so this is also magnified. It will help for the Rooster to carry the image of the 3 Celestial Guardians. You’re also afflicted with another Disaster Energy, thus welcoming a protective Buddha or Deity at home is a very good remedy. You can bring an image of Kuan Kong, Wei Tuo, or Chong Kwei into your home if you’re a Chinese Buddhist or Taoist (Taoism). For Catholics, you can bring in an image of St. James. It will also be very good if you can wear of an image of the said deities or saint. But again please nothing that’s made of plastic.

Sample image of Wei Tuo. More on Wei Tuo Pusa on future post.

Sample Chong Kwei pendant. More on Chong Kwei on future posts.

Since, you’re also facing the Tai Sui God this year. All Roosters must make sure that they wear a Piyao either as a pendant or bracelet.

You’re also indirectly affected of the Wu Wang, so please make sure you wear a five-element pagoda made of metal.

Also remember, as mentioned, that positive inner energy is very important because all the other stars are magnified by the #9 Flying Star.

People born under the sign of the Dog, will have another good year. But this year they’ll just have to be careful with the 3 Killings because they’re afflicted with it. However, despite of its name it’s really easy to remedy this bad luck. One can just simply carry an image of the 3 Celestial Guardians (Fu Dog, Pi Yao, Chi Lin).


This is also a good year for people born under the sign of the Pig/Boar. However, they’re affected by the Yi Duo star, which might create some minor obstacles. This only means that it will create some roadblocks but perseverance and positive thinking will remedy this problem. But wearing a Kuan Yin pendant (if possible get the one that carries a ru yi or flower or a Kuan Yin that pours water from an holy gourd) or a Virgin Mary pendant (Our Lady of Lourdes is preferred) will help take away the Yi Duo Star.


People born under the sign of the Rat will enjoy a good year. However, they need to have more control regarding their temper. Losing one’s temper might even lead to a lawsuit. A simple remedy for this is for them to wear the image of Happy Buddha.


This is special for me because I’m born under the sign of the Ox. I’m really happy to share with my fellow Ox that this year we will enjoy the most luck compared to all the other animal sign. Career, Wealth, Health, and Personal luck are all really good. But let us not abuse this positive energy, let’s all make sure that we share this with others and thank the Gods, Buddhas, Deities, Immortals, or Saints for this good luck. One practice that I really love to do when experiencing a streak of good luck is I invites a Buddha, Deity, or Immortal into our house. I do this by getting an image of a Deity, Buddha (etc.) to the house or by getting a pendant for myself. This symbolizes my gratitude and is a sign that I’m honoring them. I believe, if you’re a Catholic you can do this by getting yourself an image of a Saint.

The past years, I’ve honored different deities (etc.) by getting an image of the Maitreya Buddha (Happy Buddha), Kuna Kong, Kuan Yin, and Sumo Kong or Monkey God (More on Monkey God/Sumo Kong on my future post. But you can learn more about Sumo Kong on the Chinotownology site). I did this both by getting an item that I can display in the house and as a pendant that I can wear.

Sample of an image the Taoist Deity Sumo Kong or Monkey God. I have a very special affintiy with Sumo Kong and his story is really quite interesting. More on Sumo Kong on future posts.

I don’t put these images on the altar but they’re treated as a holy image.


We end the list with a positive note, because people born under the sign of the Tiger will also have a good year ahead of them. However, the Wu Wang indirectly affects you, so it is very important for you to wear a Five Element Pagoda made of metal. It’ll help also if you can get yourself a 6 DZI bead and strung it with blue, brown, or yellow colored crystal or semi-precious stone.

You’re also in side conflict with the Tai Sui so do wear a Piyao.


If you don’t know where to get the items mentioned here, please feel free to leave a comment or email me your contact details and I’ll share the contact details of my supplier. You can also just go to Ongpin where these items are easy to find, maybe except for the Five Element Pagoda pendant. Be careful that you don’t get duped into buying the very expensive ones that costs more than three thousand pesos. Most of the things mentioned here ranges from two hundred pesos to two thousand pesos if bought in Ongpin.

To bless the items just go to and Buddhist, Taoist Temple and light an incense. Hold the item on top of the incense burner make sure that they are ‘smoked’ and say a little prayer to the deities to ‘empower’ the feng shui charms that they may serve their purpose. For Catholics, just sprinkle some holy water on them and say a little prayer.

After this please make sure that nobody else touches your feng shui charm.


About jefftan168

Numbers does not rule my life. But if there’s a number that may play a big influence in my life that is 168. You see, about six months ago, when I went into a gym and had a weigh in and body mass index reading, I found out that I was already type 2 obese, and if I’m not mistaken there are only 3 types. In fact, I need to shed about 43% of my total body weight. I’m 5’5 and my ideal weight would be 165lbs, but according to my trainer since I’ve already accumulated so much skin by stretching it too much because of my fats it’s ok to just settle with 168lbs to 170lbs. (Internal monologue at that time was 5lbs of skin!) That’s’ the reason why I’m calling this blog Project 168 because that’s my ultimate weight goal. However, being a Chinese Buddhist and a believer of Feng Shui, 168 is also considered as a celestial number that is suppose to be really lucky. Thus Project 168 also refers to my quest to have a good happy life and to be a good student of Chinese Buddhism. A word of caution though, growing up, my parents firmly believed that the next super language is not English but Chinese. Thus special focus was given for me to learn Mandarin, in fact, I was send to Taiwan on summers to further learn the language. The big disadvantage is that I’ve such a poor commando of the English language that surely you’ll see some grammatical errors in every post. However, I still decided to write this blog in English to be able to share this with people who are also trying to lose weight and who are like me are in a quest to constantly live a good life. This blog is not me talking to the world but its me sharing my experience to whoever would want to read this so that it might help them, and more important than that people might want to share with me also their experience that it might help in my quest to lose weight and also to constantly have a good life.
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9 Responses to 2011 Feng Shui Forecast for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac!

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  2. Michelle says:

    I am a little confused to which sign i am, I have been told a Rabbit, as well as a Dragon. My birthday is February 6 1964 . Could you PLEASE clear this up for me? I Thank- you,, and HAVE A DIAMOND DAY !!!!!!

    • jefftan168 says:

      Hi Michelle! I know that it really can get a little confusing especially if you’re born at a time where the sign changes. But base on the birthdate that you’ve given me you’re definitely water rabbit. Hope this helps. Actually, if you want I can do your Paht Chee for you. Just give me your time of birth.

  3. john tan briones says:

    i m a rooster born may 27, 1969 at 11:am gemini is my zodiac sign.

    i want to know what obstacle or negative & positive things that will come to me this 2011 and how can i avoid such negatives? and enhance more of the positive.

    • jefftan168 says:

      Hi John! Thanks for reading my blogs. I’ll check your paht chee/bazi and get back to you. Please just give me a little time because I’m really busy now. But in the meantime do get yourself a Piyao. Please read my blog post about 2011 Feng Shui cures to know more about it. Thanks.

  4. spring girl. says:

    Hi john, got hooked in ur page. would u be kind to tell something about our sign?
    i am an earth sheep (september 26, 1979) and my fiance is metal rooster (february 23, 1981).
    this year has been challenging and been unexplainably dragging.
    the quotes had been enlightening. thanks.

  5. Jennifer M Wong says:

    My stretch kuan yin bracelet all beads fell apart is it good or bad?

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