2011 Feng Shui Forecast(2): Essential Cures

As part of the ‘having a good life’ of Project 168, I wrote a 2011 Feng Shui Forecast yesterday, which is base on my own reading and analysis. Reading the blog article again, I think I might have made it sound really grim.

While the year of the Metal Rabbit might prove to be a little challenging, let us not forget that most of the signs in the 12 Animal Chinese Zodiac will have a good year ahead of them. These are the Ox, Tiger, Rat, Horse, Dragon, Snake, Pig/Boar, Goat/Sheep, and Dog. While some of the signs mentioned might have a little inauspicious star or maybe indirectly affected by the Tai Sui or Wu Wang (Five Yellow Killings), I’ve already made some recommendations.

The Monkey, Rabbit, and Rooster, need not dismay either because there is nothing that Feng Shui charms or positive inner energy won’t solve or help manage.

But I just want to share some other essential Feng Shui cures that may help make things better.

First, all houses or office should put a pair of Pi Yao on both sides of their doors if the door is facing East(Note: Only one Piyao on each side). It is also good to put a pair of Piyao in all East side of the room or house.

A Piyao or Pi Yao helps appease the Tai Sui God who resides in the East this 2011.

On top of that it is also important to put a Five-Element Pagoda in all East section of your house, room, office, etc.

I personally prefer a tri-color Five-Element Pagoda but it need be a tri-color one but please make sure its made of metal.

This year we are also still in shortage of the water element and earth element. It will be good if each one of us will carry water with us, we can just put this in a small bottle and carry it with us. Just remember to refill this every now and then.

Lastly, to remedy the shortage of the earth element, it’s also essential for us to carry wear crystals or semi-precious stone. This is really important for people born under the sign of the Goat/Sheep.

For Chinese Buddhist or Taoist we can also get some special amulets from Taoist priests.


About jefftan168

Numbers does not rule my life. But if there’s a number that may play a big influence in my life that is 168. You see, about six months ago, when I went into a gym and had a weigh in and body mass index reading, I found out that I was already type 2 obese, and if I’m not mistaken there are only 3 types. In fact, I need to shed about 43% of my total body weight. I’m 5’5 and my ideal weight would be 165lbs, but according to my trainer since I’ve already accumulated so much skin by stretching it too much because of my fats it’s ok to just settle with 168lbs to 170lbs. (Internal monologue at that time was 5lbs of skin!) That’s’ the reason why I’m calling this blog Project 168 because that’s my ultimate weight goal. However, being a Chinese Buddhist and a believer of Feng Shui, 168 is also considered as a celestial number that is suppose to be really lucky. Thus Project 168 also refers to my quest to have a good happy life and to be a good student of Chinese Buddhism. A word of caution though, growing up, my parents firmly believed that the next super language is not English but Chinese. Thus special focus was given for me to learn Mandarin, in fact, I was send to Taiwan on summers to further learn the language. The big disadvantage is that I’ve such a poor commando of the English language that surely you’ll see some grammatical errors in every post. However, I still decided to write this blog in English to be able to share this with people who are also trying to lose weight and who are like me are in a quest to constantly live a good life. This blog is not me talking to the world but its me sharing my experience to whoever would want to read this so that it might help them, and more important than that people might want to share with me also their experience that it might help in my quest to lose weight and also to constantly have a good life.
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4 Responses to 2011 Feng Shui Forecast(2): Essential Cures

  1. Randy Tennant says:

    Would like to know if you can make predictions on love and mate matches.
    I have a woman that is a Libra, younger than I am.
    I am a cancer.
    If this is a good match what is the time span which to marry her.

    • jefftan168 says:

      Hi Randy! Sorry for the late reply. Have been really busy the past few days. Yes I can check whether your chinese animal zodiac and ruling elements will make you compatible with each other. However, its really not a prediction but rather it’ll base on your astrology. I’ll need your birth dates and time of birth.

  2. Jinky says:

    Hi, my maindoor is facing south, if i put a pair of piyao on the eastwall of my living area, should they be on the floor, table? Facing what direction, as u have said on ur post vacate the east so i did, i put a large mirror on east wall facing a window on the west, and facing the dining table as well, living area is our dining area too, is my arrangement good? Plus i have a 15 gallon aquarium with 9 gold fish, 1is black on the north of living area and 6 rod vctory banner, crystal globe,6rod vctory banner, 6 coins with red tie, pic of rabbit facing ne and a dragonwater feature with rolling ball on northwest, dragon facing maindoor, crystal globe, 6rod vctory banner, laughing buddha facing maindoor on northeast, frog with coin on maindoor south, phoenix pic, sunrise with trees shades of yellow, orange, black and brown, or should sunrise be just the sky?, 3 coins with red tie, white wall clock on south, same wall as maindoor, double happines symbol, crystal globe on southwest, 3 coins with red tie, laughing buddha on southeast, i also put 3 coins with red tie on all southeast wall of every room, 9 coins below the bagua on top of maindoor outside, 3coins with red tie glued on floor of maindoor and lastly 3coins with red tie on top of doorbell, please please please advice me if i put them right, what shud i remove or what should i add,all of us are wearing bracelets with dzi beads, we need financial improvement and success in work, im born august5, 1968 year of the monkey, husband nov 27, 1967, sheep, daughter dec 28,1992 monkey and dec 27, 1997 ox, thank u so much in advance, i hope u wud advice me 🙂

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