Oprah’s Half-Sister Story: A Proof that Life si Good Should We Decide to Make it Good.

Filipinos in the Philippines were besieged by different disturbing news this week. First, there was the car-napping group that kills their victim, and then there was the EDSA Bus Bombing news that as of this writing already killed 5 people, and on that same day there was also the Moscow Airport Bombing. These are sad, disturbing news and at first I thought I shouldn’t even write about it so as not to immerse myself and my readers in such a negative story.

However, the story about Oprah’s half-sister is a testament that how we react to something is proof that it’s us who makes a story good or bad. While we cannot totally forget about the brutality of the stories I just mentioned, in the long run its us who decides whether we will chose to learn from it and make it to something positive or not.

I say this because the story about Oprah’s half-sister reminds me of a story of a friend who recently found out that she has a half-brother and half-sister. As expected she and her other siblings’ first reaction was to get angry, this is only natural. However, after 8 years they, except for one sibling, remain angry about what they say is a cruel joke on them. They even went as far as accusing the half-siblings of wanting to take part in the wealth that their father has left them, this is despite of the fact that they didn’t try to get a single centavo from their father and even returned the properties that was rightfully theirs by law. The half-siblings are now very successful entrepreneurs and look forward to having a good relationship with my friend’s family. They said they’re taking it one step at a time and is hopeful which is boost by the fact that they’re now in good terms with the brother of my friend.

You see, both families were put in the same boat and both decided to react differently. I’m happy for Oprah and Patricia, her half-sister, because they choose to make it a good news. But more than that I admire Patricia’s integrity by refusing a one million dollar deal from a tabloid because all she wants is a relationship with her family.


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Numbers does not rule my life. But if there’s a number that may play a big influence in my life that is 168. You see, about six months ago, when I went into a gym and had a weigh in and body mass index reading, I found out that I was already type 2 obese, and if I’m not mistaken there are only 3 types. In fact, I need to shed about 43% of my total body weight. I’m 5’5 and my ideal weight would be 165lbs, but according to my trainer since I’ve already accumulated so much skin by stretching it too much because of my fats it’s ok to just settle with 168lbs to 170lbs. (Internal monologue at that time was 5lbs of skin!) That’s’ the reason why I’m calling this blog Project 168 because that’s my ultimate weight goal. However, being a Chinese Buddhist and a believer of Feng Shui, 168 is also considered as a celestial number that is suppose to be really lucky. Thus Project 168 also refers to my quest to have a good happy life and to be a good student of Chinese Buddhism. A word of caution though, growing up, my parents firmly believed that the next super language is not English but Chinese. Thus special focus was given for me to learn Mandarin, in fact, I was send to Taiwan on summers to further learn the language. The big disadvantage is that I’ve such a poor commando of the English language that surely you’ll see some grammatical errors in every post. However, I still decided to write this blog in English to be able to share this with people who are also trying to lose weight and who are like me are in a quest to constantly live a good life. This blog is not me talking to the world but its me sharing my experience to whoever would want to read this so that it might help them, and more important than that people might want to share with me also their experience that it might help in my quest to lose weight and also to constantly have a good life.
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