Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her Biggest Lifetime Struggle: Weight Loss

The Kardashian’s are always in the news and I know that a lot of people do admire them a lot. So much so that the Kardashian’s can actually make money while enjoying a party. For example, Kim Kardashian is said to get more than US$300,000.00 to attend a party. Her presence attracts a lot of people both during and after the party that they say three hundred thousand dollars is said to be a small fee. All she has to do is to attend and have fun and she can leave after an hour. The other Kardahsian’s are said to get as much also.

There are times that we who are from the ‘outside’ looking in feels that Hollywood celebrities are ‘not as human as we are’. But, in a recent video blog of Khloe Kardashian in the website she revealed that she is just like one of us. She revealed that she continues to struggle with her weight and feels like it’s going to be a lifelong struggle for her. While she admits that ‘it’s not the biggest thing in life’ it does get her down and that it will be her ‘biggest lifetime struggle’.

Khloe Kardashian

When I first went to the gym, my trainer told me right away that it’s very important for me to face the truth and realize that I’ll do lose weight if I go on a proper diet and exercise, but I should also realize that maintaining an ideal weight and figure is a lifelong struggle for most people. Attaining my ideal weight is a defining moment but whether one can maintain that weight is even a deeper defining moment. He said losing weight will open me to realities of the things that I can achieve, but maintaining that weight will define as to what kind of person I am.

I’m still in the process of trying to achieve Project 168 but as early as now I’ve realized that there are things that I can do that I thought I’d never be able to do. But also as early as now I’ve come to face the reality that weight loss is life long struggle.


About jefftan168

Numbers does not rule my life. But if there’s a number that may play a big influence in my life that is 168. You see, about six months ago, when I went into a gym and had a weigh in and body mass index reading, I found out that I was already type 2 obese, and if I’m not mistaken there are only 3 types. In fact, I need to shed about 43% of my total body weight. I’m 5’5 and my ideal weight would be 165lbs, but according to my trainer since I’ve already accumulated so much skin by stretching it too much because of my fats it’s ok to just settle with 168lbs to 170lbs. (Internal monologue at that time was 5lbs of skin!) That’s’ the reason why I’m calling this blog Project 168 because that’s my ultimate weight goal. However, being a Chinese Buddhist and a believer of Feng Shui, 168 is also considered as a celestial number that is suppose to be really lucky. Thus Project 168 also refers to my quest to have a good happy life and to be a good student of Chinese Buddhism. A word of caution though, growing up, my parents firmly believed that the next super language is not English but Chinese. Thus special focus was given for me to learn Mandarin, in fact, I was send to Taiwan on summers to further learn the language. The big disadvantage is that I’ve such a poor commando of the English language that surely you’ll see some grammatical errors in every post. However, I still decided to write this blog in English to be able to share this with people who are also trying to lose weight and who are like me are in a quest to constantly live a good life. This blog is not me talking to the world but its me sharing my experience to whoever would want to read this so that it might help them, and more important than that people might want to share with me also their experience that it might help in my quest to lose weight and also to constantly have a good life.
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